How To Install a Wall-Mounted TV

Let’s face it- these days home entertainment centers are found practically in every home. Whether you’re a single professional, growing family, or senior citizen…a televison is a usual staple in a household. And for many of us, it’s always a fun-time to visit a favorite electronic store and check out all those perfect, shiny, high-defintion plasma big screen televisions that are on hopes that we will find one on sale or featured in the ‘clearance’ isle. And I can say clearly from experience, it’s the best feeling in the world to take yourself home a super TV…after saving up enough money to afford a darned expensive home theater! But, if you’re like me there is one thing that can possibly bring down a little enthusiasm after you hauled that wonderous HDTV inside your abode. The gnawing question- Where do I put this fabulous new TV? For most of us television-set junkies, we choose to place our beloved home theater in a people-oriented area such as the family or living room. Today, most people choose to display their TV sets on a wall, like proudly showcased above a fireplace mantle. But, how does one successfully mount a television up on a wall at home, without having a professional do the job?

Here are a few invaluable steps to utilize when installing a wall-mounted televison:

1. First of all, make sure you brought home a desired TV wall mount from that electronic store. Whether it be a fixed style or tilt design. There are also multi-purpose styles too specifically designed for various televisions.

2. Secondly, make sure that the desired wall you are planning on mounting your TV on is clear of dust and debris. Any tech device needs to be stationed in a clean area and flat, sturdy drywall. Plus, fine-tune the area where you want to place your television set by measuring with a pencil where you aim to mount the unit.

2. Next, make sure you have all the necessary tools for your DIY project. A tape measure, ruler, black pencil, screwdriver, adjustable wrench, drywall drill, cordless drill, leveler, socket/ratchet set. Also, be sure that you are equipped with enough lag bolts and mounting brackets. These are just about all the essentials you will need to work with while putting up your TV.

3. Next, attach a mounting plate to the back of your TV by carefully placing your flat-screen plasma facedown.

4. Thirdly, properly measure with a ruler and pencil the area where you’ll be hanging your masterpiece. Use your leveler to make sure the position of your TV will be straight on the wall before placing on the wall mount. Then mark with a pencil where you want the brackets or screws to be placed. Afterwards, drill pilot holes into the wall.

5. Now, attach the wall mount to the wall, using a power drill. Be sure to check that the unit is firmly mounted and straight on the wall.

6. Lastly, carefully place your TV on the wall, attaching it to the wall mount and make sure it’s stabilized. Afterwards, you may choose to hide various cable cords with a nifty cord cover. These can be found at your local hardware store.

As one can see, all it takes is a few steps when installing your own wall-mounted TV…without having to pay a pro. Now you can buy some extra popcorn and afford that new DVD player you had your eye on back at the electronic store.