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Annie Cleveland

There are so many blogs on the internet talking about homes and the products we bring into them, why on earth would we need yet another?

This question hung high in my mind as I mulled over the idea of starting this site over a lightly steaming cup of chai spice. Was there really a need for my voice to be heard? Would anybody be interested? Would anybody even care?

Then I realized that this is the exact kind of self-doubt that almost everyone experiences when they are trying to start something new on their own. I knew I had to see past that and keep focus on my vision. This wasn’t going to be easy. It never is.

So, I teamed up with my anonymous web developer and close friend and we went to work. Finally we have the site working well and looking almost as nice as we’d like it to you. So we’re officially up and running, ready to bring you the latest and trendiest in home technology and products.

My past life gave me quite a bit of exposure as to what goes in to designing the products that surround us in our homes. So much has to to with visual appeal and user experience, and understanding the people that use them is the single most important aspect of designing these products.

It was a competitive industry, and some brands would do absolutely anything to get people to buy their products. In the end, it wasn’t all about quality for them, it was merely about profits.

While the company I worked with was good at heart, I always felt something lacking in a world driven by marketing, advertisement, and the bottom line. I wanted to bring more value to people’s lives. I wanted to have an impact.

I decided to put all I’ve worked for in my back pocket and give it a go on my own. I could always go back, but this was my opportunity to go forward. To be candid, it was one of the most fulfilling decisions I’ve ever made in my life. The innate drive to spread my message never died though, so I knew I needed an outlet. That’s where Live Technician came into my life.

So, this is where you’ll find my creative side. It’s not my primary occupation, but it’s a hobby that will ride with me forever. I hope you find our articles interesting, and maybe even extremely helpful. I am to contribute as much as I can for years to come.